Capital Region Honor Flight

Capital Region Honor Flight Bus Trip

Capital Region Volunteer

Capital Region Volunteers

Capital Region would not be successful without the dedicated help provided by our volunteers and local guardians.  Capital Region offers many volunteer opportunities, tailored to your time or talent.  

Capital Region covers a vast geographical area (Maryland, DC and DE) and we are looking for volunteers across all these areas to assist with the following:

  • Veteran Recruitment – attend functions at various Veteran organizations to help find Veterans. This might include regular visits to American Legion halls, VFW, Knights of Columbus or other Veteran organizations.
  • Veteran Interviews – make personal visits and/or phone calls with Veterans who have applied for one of our trips – to provide a personal connection to Capital Region and emphasize the benefits of joining the trip.
  • Pre-mission site logistics – help identify an appropriate facility for the departure and return; be the primary point of contact with the facility to finalize details; identify local food service providers for breakfast items; and/or recruit local fire department assistance for water arch. Facilitate ideas for decorating the facility.
  • Mission day support – help on mission day to check in Veterans; and also help set up and decorate the facility the day before.
  • Welcome Home celebration – help rally the community to support a Welcome Home celebration upon Veteran’s return from their bus trip; engage local schools, JROTC, businesses, etc. to support and attend.
  • Medical Volunteers – Capital Region is not a medical provider, but we do travel with volunteer EMT, nurses or doctors who can monitor vitals and stabilize a Veteran should an accident occur.
  • Media Outreach – help us spread the word via your media contacts!
  • Photography – have a passion for photography? We are looking for local photographers who can set up a portable studio for professional portraits at the departure facility; and a photographer who will travel with us for the day creating wonderful memories of the trip.
  • Mail Call – each Veteran receives a “surprise” Mail Call from family members and a grateful community. We need volunteers who will contact family members discreetly and also reach out to local businesses, schools and civic organizations to provide heartfelt thank you notes.
  • Veteran Transport – occasionally we have a need to provide a Veteran transportation to and from the departure location.

To volunteer your time or talent; please fill out this application and someone will be in touch with you.

Volunteer Guardians

Capital Region also would not be successful without local volunteers who serve as guardians for the day.  Each Veteran is paired with a guardian who ensure their Veteran has a safe and memorable day.  Volunteer guardians must commit to the entire day, starting around 7am lasting until 8-9pm.  Guardians must be physically able to push a wheelchair all day in any kind of weather. Because this is a physically demanding job, volunteer Guardians may be subject to a medical check by our team to ensure they are qualified to care for the Veteran during the mission.  Local volunteer guardians will be provided all meals and a keepsake polo shirt.  Active duty, veterans and civilians over 18 years of age can apply to serve as a local volunteer guardian. To apply as a local volunteer guardian, please click the button below.